What is the process for a hoarding cleanup, junk removal or cleanup of animal or rodent feces?

These are all situations that tend to involve more variables than trauma scenes.  Even though one would think it might be the other way around, the types of cleanups mentioned above can all be very different.

Typically when we receive a call, we try to determine how ready the homeowner or tenant is to get the cleanup done.  If they are ready, most times the person calling (either the homeowner or tenant or a family member) is looking for an estimate of price.  We try not to throw out prices for these types of cleanup over the phone as we might be way off due to the description of the problem not being exactly accurate.  This might be of no fault on the homeowner’s behalf though.  Sometimes there are factors you just cannot see until you get into things.

For this reason, we provide free on-site estimates in most cases.  This allows us to meet with people in person, see everything in person and have a candid discussion about what needs done, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

After that is established, we can usually start jobs pretty quickly.  Most times we can start and complete the job in the next day or two.  Most cleanups take 1 day, maybe 2 days to complete.  We usually come in with 2-3 people as more can become overwhelming for the homeowner or tenant.

Throughout the cleanup process we make sure everybody is on the same page.  After cleanup is complete we walk around with all parties involved to make sure all areas have been addressed and everyone is satisfied with the cleanup.  From start to finish we ensure that the homeowner or tenant is comfortable with everything we are doing.