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Types of Hoarding

There are many types of hoarding and they all have one thing in common- the over abundance and accumulation of too much stuff.

Trash & Garbage (Syllogomania)

The hoarding of items that have no real or perceived value and items have no use but cause a health risk. Disposable items include, used food containers, junk mail, empty boxes, soiled clothing, etc. This hoarder has basically given up on trying to dispose of items and their home is typically in disrepair and biologically unsafe. We dispose of all trash and garbage and sanitize effected areas.

Food Hoarding

Food hoarders fear that they will run out of food and lose everything they have. Food is the most essential item for survival so many times it is not thrown away. The result is expired and spoiled food that must be discarded.

Recycling Hoarders

There is good intention to recycle plastic, cans and bottles but the accumulation got out of control to a point where the items can not possibly be out curbside or taken to a recycling center-there is simply too much, often rooms full. We can help to collect recycling rebates for the client.

Information/Books/Periodical Hoarding (Bibliomania)

A person who is highly intelligent, a scholar or has a career that involves research and data and does not throw any of it away. If possible we donate and find interested parties to take the books and information.

Shopping Hoarder

The Shopping Hoarder buys items in bulk or many items frequently because the deal is too good to pass up or they simply act on impulse. Many times the items never get opened or the boxes are opened and items are left inside because there is no place to put them.

Collection Hoarding

It starts out as collecting something specific and before you know it every gift and item you buy for yourself is a collectable because it is part of that interest. The collection grows and takes over room and storage. Collections are hard to part with and we help find good homes for collections so they can be fully appreciated.

Animal Hoarding

A person that acquires more animals than they can properly care for.


Many people are hesitant to call for an estimate or cleanup of a hoarding scenario because they believe the process will be stressful, lengthy, and too expensive or they are embarrassed. We work with this in mind. Our priority is to make each one of our clients as comfortable as possible. We understand your situation.