Are all hoarding cleanup service providers the same?

The short answer is no.  There are however different stages and variables involved in hoarding cleanup, junk removal or basic clutter removal.  Sometimes there is not a serious hoarding problem and the individual is best suited to hire a professional organizer to work with them over a few weeks to organize there home.

In other occasions it is more along the lines of basic junk removal.  If there are just a few things laying around that simply need to be picked up and hauled away, basic junk removal is probably best.

Anything more extreme than those two situations, we typically recommend using Bio1 (, our affiliate San Diego Hoarding Cleanup (, or another experienced and qualified service provider.  Aside from the obvious health hazards of falling or having items fall on workers, there are hidden dangers that a hoarding cleanup crew must be aware of.  This could be anything from mold to sharps to rodents that might get hostile or spread disease.  Experience with these variables is what separates a qualified service provider in a hoarding cleanup from a company that might get themselves hurt or cause further structural damage.

To determine if a service provider is qualified for your cleanup, you can usually get a good feeling of this when speaking with them on the phone and the questions they ask during an onsite estimate.  We ask very specific questions to determine any unforeseen variables and make sure everybody is on the same page when cleanup starts so that in the end everybody involved is pleased with the work and the result.

To determine if your cleanup requires a specific skillset such as ours or if it can be done by a more general service provider, feel free to call us.  We always try to help people out in their best interest.  Even if that means we are not the right one for the job given that it is more straight forward and might be able to be completed cheaper with a more generic service provider.