How do you clean up homeless camps?

Bio1 is proud of our customers for managing homeless camps in a manner that treats the homeless population with dignity.  Customers first place “No Trespassing” signs in the area to properly communicate that the space is not open for transient lodging.  The Sheriff’s department is asked to come give 72-hour notice to the residents on the property.  A written notice is affixed to each camp.  After the notice period, the Sheriff’s department escorts Bio1 to each camp.  If the camp has been vacated, Bio1 can start the cleanup.  If the camp is still occupied but the transient residents are making progress in vacating, the Sheriff will give them additional time.

Bio1 hauls away belongings and waste left behind in the camp.  Shopping carts are emptied and left by the street to be picked up and returned to the owner.  Any syringes found on site are disposed of in biohazard sharps containers.  Open space areas are left in a natural state again.  Paved surfaces can be cleaned to remove any residual smells.

Bio1 can help customers on an as needed basis, one-time cleanups, or annual contracts with fixed pricing.  Call today and let Bio1 help you responsibly address homeless camps on your property.