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Hoarding & Clutter Cleanup Services in San Diego & Carlsbad, CA

No two cleanups are the same, however in almost all hoarding cases we discover biohazards. Bio1 is a Biohazard company that specializes in Hoarding and is the perfect choice for a clutter free and biologically safe home.

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The physical danger of not being able to move about the home or use the kitchen or bathroom is a safety risk. Too many times we get a call from relatives of someone who has fallen over the debris and hurt themselves. Excessive hoarding is also a fire hazard and a danger to the resident and their neighbors.

Equally as dangerous are the Biohazards that are hidden or ignored under or behind the abundance of items. We often find mold, human waste, rodent droppings, and insect infestations, all of which pose a health concern and must be properly decontaminated and cleaned.

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Hoarding and Clutter Cleanup: What We Do

We remove all disposable items in the home that are considered trash or items that the client does not wish to retain. As part of the disposal process we find and safeguard any items of real or perceived value that include but are not limited to photographs, cash, jewelry, stock certificates, life insurance policies, collectables, antiques, etc.

Bio1 San Diego Hoarding is the most professional and experienced company and will ensure that no unwanted clutter is left, that everything is cleared, bagged and disposed of properly. Bio1 San Diego is fully insured and has all the licenses necessary to work in bio hazardous situations.

Give us a call and we can discuss your specific situation and figure out exactly what we can do to help. All calls are confidential and unlike our competitors we never record any calls.