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Decomposition Clean Up & Undiscovered Death | San Diego & Carlsbad, CA

It is a sad reality that sometimes people pass away and no one knows about it for days. Usually it’s the smell that brings people to the realization that something has gone terribly wrong. Call Bio1 San Diego immediately for prompt clean up of a dead body or carcass. In hot San Diego & Carlsbad, CA weather it can take a mere twelve hours for a body to begin decomposing. When the weather is cold and the room closed, it can take longer, around 48-72 hours. Generally flies will be an initial red flag as they swarm around the body fluids, lay their eggs which will develop into larva and feed on the organic matter. What are left behind is bio-hazard waste and hazardous materials; in addition to a terrible odor.

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Once the body has been removed there are a variety of additional things to clean up. Who would venture into a scene like that? Bio1 San Diego is an experienced crime scene cleanup company with professionals who can handle a situation such as this. All body fluids and tissue are considered bio-hazard waste materials and have to be handled and disposed according to Federal regulations.

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Bio1 San Diego, a company with extensive experience in crime scene cleanup, bio-hazard waste disposal and hazardous waste removal can help, with emergency services available throughout San Diego County.

Aside from removing the objects that came in direct contact with the decomposing body, Bio1 San Diego will remove everything else that is considered hazardous, including emptying the bathroom, removing everything from the kitchen and from any other rooms in the house.

The place will be ventilated and an ozone machine will assist in removing all odors. Within a short amount of time, the place will begin to resemble what was once normal.