Should I hire Bio1 to clean up hoarding or should I just do it myself?

This is a question that folks as me when they have a friend or brother or mother etc that is a hoarder and needs their house or apartment cleaned up to make it safe and livable.  I typically recommend that they either hire Bio1 or at least another company that specializes in this work and knows the risks.  However, sometimes that just is not possible due to lack of funds.

Regarding getting together the money to pay for a cleanup of a hoarder’s home, we never take payment at time of service and typically try to close out the invoice within 30 – 60 days.  This gives families more time to put together the money for the cleanup without having to wait another two months to get the cleanup done.  Also, waiting to get a cleanup done due to lack of funds can lead to the hoarder having second thoughts and not letting the cleanup happen at all.  I always recommend we get in there as soon as possible to get the place cleaned up safely and correctly and figure out billing later.

In regard to people doing the cleanup themselves there are a few factors to consider.  The first are the risks that can be present on these cleanups.  This may be in the form of mold, fecal matter, urine, blood, other bacteria and disease or the simple fact that piled items can be dangerous if moved and they fall on somebody.  Bio1 knows these risks and knows how to work with them to get the cleanup finished safely and efficiently.  One of the main factors to consider is the time and effort a family would have to put in to get the cleanup done.  One specific job lately required 2 of our large trucks, 3 workers for a second story apartment.  Given that we do so many hoarding cleanups we know how to get this done the most efficiently.  We were able to do it in 1 day.  If the family would have tried to do this themselves it would have taken them 4-5 days with their pickup truck, only two of them and improper supplies and experience to get the cleanup finished correctly.

We perform numerous hoarding cleanups each week and due to that we have been able to become very efficient and even lower costs which we pass on to our clients.

If you are considering hiring somebody to clean up a hoarder’s home or potentially doing the cleanup yourself, feel free to call us to discuss it.  We never pressure anybody into hiring Bio1 and simply want to find the best solution for each person’s needs.