What to do with blood or body fluid spill in the home

While it might not happen often, certain situations can arise where blood or body fluid is spilled inside a home. This may be caused from a death, some sort of traumatic injury or from disease that causes blood or body fluid to be discharged. When this happens, it is important to either clean the contaminated area or have it removed.

The question is, when to remove the materials from the affected area or to clean them. While opinions may differ based on experience we typically recommend removing any very porous material that is contaminated. This includes carpet and pad, curtains, mattress, bedding, clothes, etc. The main thing to know with carpet is that typically the amount you see on the surface is at least 5 times more spread out underneath the carpet and will seep back through if you try to clean it. These materials when removed need to be transported legally and safely and autoclaved for proper disposal. This is what Bio1 specializes in.

When the affected area is fairly non-porous such as drywall, tile floors, cement floor, cabinets, counter tops, etc these areas can typically be decontaminated and saved. We use specific chemicals to break down the blood and body fluid, pull it out of the materials and sanitize the area. We do all of this without damaging the area affected.

These methods for creating a once again sanitary environment can sometimes be handled by nonprofessionals, but we always recommend that you call a professional, such as Bio1 to either remove the contaminated materials or to clean them. There are many disease risks associated with blood and body fluid and must be handled appropriately. For any questions regarding the best steps to eliminate a blood or body fluid spill in the home, call Bio1 any time of day for information. Bio1 cleans blood spills and body fluid spills in San Diego, Encinitas, Escondido, National City, Chula Vista, Oceanside, La Jolla, Del Mar, El Cajon, Carlsbad and the rest of San Diego County.