What to do about rodent feces in the home

In San Diego County we encounter a large number of homes that have or have had rodent infestations.  The first step to mitigate this problem is to have the rodents removed.  That is not something Bio1 does.  We suggest hiring a pest control expert for this part.

Once the rodents have been removed, often times there is a significant amount of fecal matter and urine left behind.  Rodent feces can be very harmful to one’s health and thus we recommend having it cleaned up by a professional.  Most times non-porous materials can be sanitized and saved.  For porous material, if it is something like clothing that can be submerged and agitated such as in a washing machine often times it can be saved.  Porous material such as furniture often times needs to be removed as it is difficult to call it sanitized and safe.  That is on a case by case basis.

For most areas, whether it be in the attic, the garage or any living area typically fecal matter and contaminated porous materials are removed and disposed of first.  After those materials have been removed, we use a sterilant to sanitize the affected non-porous areas.  It sounds like a straight forward process, but each case is different and has many different variables.  This is why we offer free estimates if need be.  We like for prior to cleanup, everybody is on the same page.

Given that every rodent cleanup is a little unique, we are always available to talk and at the very least answer any questions you might have.