Which of Bio1 service offerings are covered by insurance?

Most of our services are covered by property/homeowners insurance, renter’s insurance or auto insurance.  Most of these claims involve blood, body fluid and potentially feces and urine.

Unfortunately, the services that fall outside of being covered by insurance are typically related to rodent droppings, damage caused by pets and hoarding.

As for the services that are covered by insurance, anything involving a trauma scene, death or any blood or body fluid spill are covered probably 95% of the time.  Once in a while a policy will only cover certain things like fire or water damage, but most property insurance policies due in fact cover the cost of decontamination and cleanup of any biohazard such as blood and body fluid.  That same insurance also typically pays for anything that might need replaced such as carpet, pad, trim etc.

A situation that we encounter quite a bit is related to when older people lose their bowels for whatever reason in their home.  Much of the time if this is on carpet and padding it gets through down to the cement or wood floor underneath pretty quickly.  This carpet and pad needs removed and disposed of properly and the floor underneath needs sanitized for safety.  These situations seem like they would not be covered, but more often than not property insurance also pays for this type of cleanup and replacement.

If any situation similar to the above mentioned situations occurs, we always recommend the family or individual call us to determine if insurance is the way to go.

Typically the same goes for auto insurance.  Whether on the interior or exterior, auto insurance typically will pay for the cost of decontamination of blood and body fluid and replacement of anything needing replaced on the vehicle.  This all comes down to one’s deductible and if it is worth while to pursue a claim.

Finally renter’s insurance can be used for renter’s who have had their personal belongings contaminated resulting in them being disposed of.  This typically does not cover anything structural but can be helpful for getting personal items replaced or personal items decontaminated and made safe and usable again.

We recommend any situation involving blood, body fluid, feces, urine or anything of the like, people call us to discuss what might be the best way to proceed to get things back to normal in the easiest and most cost efficient manner.