What should you do with the mattress when somebody passes away on it?

By the very nature of the way mattresses are made, they are extremely difficult to sanitize and clean.  When fluids get into mattresses, they quickly get down beneath the surface into the springs, foam and potentially through to the box spring or floor underneath.

There are differences when people pass away on what to do with the mattress.  If somebody passes away on a mattress from natural causes and is discovered within a day or two, typically the mattress does not contain blood or a biohazard.  If this is the case and the family wishes to remove the mattress, it can simply be disposed of as regular waste.

When somebody passes away on a mattress from a trauma wound or passes away and is undiscovered for more than a few days, typically there is blood and body fluid on the mattress.  This fluid is typically not just on the surface, but also underneath in the springs and potentially through the mattress to materials or surfaces underneath.  The most appropriate manner for disposal of a mattress in this condition is to essentially cut and remove all soiled materials from top to bottom until an area is reached with zero blood or body fluid.  This removed section is then disposed of as biohazardous medical waste.  The remainder of the materials can be disposed of as regular waste.  This process should be conducted by a professional scene cleaner for a couple of reasons.  First, typically certain permits and licenses are needed.  Second, removing contaminated material can be very dangerous and the proper tools and training are required to complete the process safely.

Once the mattress and any contaminated materials have been removed, if the deceased was undiscovered for some time, an odor removal process typically has to be completed in the room as well.

These are all services that Bio1 handles on a daily basis and continues to provide ongoing training for its technicians to ensure each of these situations is completed effectively.  Bio1 responds to any sort of biohazard cleanup or removal call at any time of day, any day of the week.  www.Bio1SD.com provides more details, but the best way to have specific questions answered is to call.