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Getting Cigarette Smoke Out of The House

The process of getting cigarette smoke out depends on how long the smoker has been smoking in the house, the age of the house, the type of walls and flooring, how much furniture is in the house etc. It can be done, difficulty just depends on those factors.


How To Get The Smell of Cigarette Smoke Out

The furniture and carpet need to be steam cleaned. The walls and floors need to be cleaned. This is typically best done with a citrus degreaser to take the nicotine and smoke residue off of the walls and floors.

The last step is to implement our ozone system which oxidizes the bacteria in the room and eliminates residual odor. In certain extreme situations a coat of paint may be needed to seal in the odor in the walls.


Need A Professional?

If you’re in need of assistance eliminating smoke odor from your home please feel free to contact us for assistance.