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This is always a delicate situation. Cleaning up a hoarder’s home needs to be done compassionately. We work with the hoarder and typically a family member or counselor to determine what is going and what stays.
It is important to be very sensitive while cleaning up a hoarder’s house as to not further the problem but rather to help resolve the issue.

How To Clean Up The Hoarder’s House After Items Are Removed.

After we’ve removed and disposed of all the items to go we clean up the house to ensure it is safe and clean. The main consideration after compassion for the hoarder is safety of the workers. Those cleaning out the house must be cognizant of things like sharps, blood, feces, and even rodents or other animals. Full PPE is used often in these situations to ensure safety.

Cleaning Up After A Hoarder Should Be Done Safely

Due to the possibility of encountering lingering waste or smell, the cleanup should be done with the correct equipment to ensure safety and prevent exposure to harmful pathogens.

Don’t Risk Exposure From The Cleanup

The best way to prevent exposure from harmful pathogens left behind from hazardous waste is to contact a professional team to safely clean up after a hoarder. This will also involve decontaminating the house to prevent lingering smells or pathogens.