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Blood is difficult to completely remove from carpet and call it clean. Some situations where there are a few drops can be removed with a peroxide product or a product that essentially oxidizes the blood and pulls it out of the carpet, but it is tough to actually call it clean. Most times the blood that you see on top of the carpet has actually gone down through the padding and has spread out to about 4-5 times the area on the cement or wood below.

Some Cases The Carpet Is Unsalvageable After A Blood Spill

Thus, most times carpet is contaminated with blood, the carpet and padding must be removed, the subfloor must be decontaminated and new carpet and padding must be put in.

Have A Professional Clean Up Blood Spills

If you’re dealing with a blood spill you should immediately contact a certified blood cleanup company to increase your chances of salvaging the carpet as well as avoiding any health risks involved with improper blood cleanup from your carpet.