suicide cleanup in san diego and carlsbad, ca

Suicide Cleanup | San Diego & Carlsbad, CA

Gunshot suicides are not the only type that require body fluids to be cleaned up. Even a death by hanging or poisoning can cause a biohazard situation if undiscovered for a few days. According to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, about half of suicides involve a firearm and about one fourth are from suffocation. Bio1 can help handle any suicide situation. We have offered these services to the greater San Diego, CA area for years. We understand that a suicide can be a very traumatic event and we can guide you through the step you need to take to have this situation put to rest.

Sometimes, relatives on the scene want to jump in and clean the scene themselves because they don't want to wait for a professional. This is a bad idea. It is better for the families to stay away from the scene and let others handle it. Some feel it will help with the grieving to do this last act but no one that has done it themselves has told us that it was cathartic for them. Without the proper tools and chemicals, the mess can be made larger. Also, large amounts of body fluids are not to be disposed of in municipal waste. Bio1 will haul away all the waste and dispose of it properly. You are in good hands when you rely on Bio1 in San Diego, CA.