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Dealing With a Messy Crime Scene in Carlsbad, CA?

We’ll handle the homicide cleanup for you

When a suicide or homicide leaves behind a dreadful mess, you need the help of a professional crime cleanup service. Bio1 San Diego can handle your suicide or homicide cleanup in Carlsbad, CA or elsewhere in the San Diego area so you won’t have to. Crime scenes can be hazardous, and disease can be transmitted through blood and bodily fluids.

Don’t put your health at risk trying to clean up the mess yourself. Call Bio1 to schedule crime scene cleanup at your Carlsbad, CA location.

Leave the scrubbing to Bio1

During your crime scene cleanup in Carlsbad, CA, Bio1 will use special tools and techniques to get the area as clean as possible. We will:

    • Remove and properly dispose of blood-saturated clothing
    • Dispose of affected furniture appropriately 
    • Stain removal on concrete and asphalt surfaces
    • Collect all blood and body fluids

Homicide cleanup isn’t something you should have to deal with yourself. Contact us today to learn more about our homicide or suicide cleanup services.