Leave No Trace of the Incident Behind

Leave No Trace of the Incident Behind

Schedule an experienced suicide or homicide cleanup in San Diego, CA

The lingering traumatic effects of a violent crime or suicide are devastating for anyone involved. The first step in the healing process is a thorough and compassionate homicide or suicide cleanup service. The experts at Bio1 San Diego provide effective crime scene cleanup services with the utmost care and professionalism in the San Diego, CA area.

Our experienced team has helped countless people in the San Diego, CA area move forward after tragedy. Call 619-432-5119 today for a fast and affordable homicide cleanup.

Why should you contact a professional cleanup crew?

Crime scene cleanup is very far from simply wiping up a spill. After a suicide, homicide or violent crime, the skilled crew at Bio1 San Diego should be called immediately for:

Disease control-blood can be contaminated with Hepatitis B, C and the HIV virus. Crime scene cleanup crews follow strict CDC guidelines to prevent infection.
Safety-a crime scene often leaves behind broken glass, dangerous chemicals and other things that should not be touched without proper gear.
Peace of mind-anyone suffering from the result of a crime or suicide should never be subjected to reminders of the tragedy. Your healing process first involves removing any trace of the incident.

At Bio1 San Diego, we know we're more than just a cleaning crew. Our suicide cleanup services help people slowly move on from devastating events. Don't hesitate to call-we'll discuss your cleaning needs and break down our rates.