The Process of Homeowner’s Insurance Covering a Biohazard Related Claim

It is a little known fact that when a tragic event such as a death in the home occurs, the repairs and replacements of structural materials are covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy in most cases.

Most times when Bio1 San Diego gets a call for a death in a home, whether it be a suicide, homicide, undiscovered death or something else, the homeowner does not know that their insurance covers the cost of cleanup and repairs if needed.  Unlike a drivers license, people do not typically keep their homeowners insurance policy information in their wallet.  Most times homeowners have their policy information somewhere in their home.  Given that there is a biohazard present, not to mention the site of aftermath of a death, we do not advise people go back in the home to get the policy information.  Typically, Bio1 will be called out to a scene, complete the decontamination and cleanup and simply ask that the homeowner get the policy information to us afterward.  This allows for safe entrance to the home for the homeowner and they do not have to go walking through a trauma scene to get the info.

Once Bio1 has the insurance policy information, a claim is initiated.  Typically the adjuster assigned to the claim will call the Bio1 representative that initiated the claim to get the details.  After that, the adjuster will typically reach out to the homeowner to verify and arrange any additional repairs or replacements might be needed.

The insurance company will then issue a check to Bio1 for decontamination services provided and any money due to the homeowner for anything that might need replaced.  The only out of pocket cost to the victim or family is the deductible for their insurance policy.  Bio1 never looks for payment of any kind at the time of service.

This type of insurance process covers all homeowners throughout San Diego County and covers cleanup for all of the following:



Undiscovered Death

Blood Spill

And any other biohazardous scene

To determine the best course of action should anybody have the need, it is suggested that you call Bio1 San Diego now.  Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 858-939-9985.