What to do with house covered in cat urine?

Pet urine and feces can be a big job to clean out of a house and make the building safe and odor free.  Cat urine, more specifically is quite difficult as it is more complex than urine from humans, dogs, etc.

For cleanup of cat urine and odor removal, it is important to use the right cleaning solutions and equipment.  The primary cleaning solution that Bio1 uses for cat urine cleanup is a proprietary enzyme cleaner.  This product’s purpose is to break down the proteins in the cat urine to fully allow for cleanup.  Other products simply mask the smell for a time until it returns.

An enzyme cleaner applied appropriately and agitated correctly is the only real way to clean up cat urine effectively.  One should not try and use any bleach product as it actually combines with the cat urine to create a toxic gas.

In addition to using the appropriate enzyme cleaner, proper PPE is also recommended.  For urine cleanup and odor removal, Bio1 uses full suits and respirators due to the negative effects the urine and bacteria can have on the body.

Most times with urine, porous materials like furniture, carpet, curtains etc need to be removed as they are unsalvageable.  If they can however be submerged and cleaned, like curtains, there is a chance of saving the material.  Once carpet and padding are removed, we treat and seal the floor underneath to ensure the odor does not return.  Many times walls can be cleaned and saved, but if there has been prolonged exposure, drywall and baseboards may need to be replaced.

Once all cleanup is complete and any materials that need to be removed are gone, the air can still hold the odor from cat urine or urine from a human or another animal.  We then use our ozone system which purifies the air over a 24 hour period, fully eliminating the odor for good.

For cleanup of cat urine or odor removal, it is best to call Bio1 to determine exactly what needs to be done to completely recover the residence.